X’d Out

If they don’t understand what you think,
because you move too slowly into the future,
they call you slacker
and you just change the channel –
the Brady Bunch must be on somewhere.

It’s our turn to step up to the plate,
or so they claim.
Take the bat.
Kneecap the umpire.
We’re both tired of the game.

If they want to know how you feel,
take their American Express
and charge as much as you can;
one by one,
replace all their lightbulbs
with sun lamps;
each week,
turn up their thermostat
by one degree;
give them an aquarium,
but don’t include fish.

And if they realize
what they are leaving us,
then they’ll understand how we feel
when we think of children
that we fear to have.
Then, they too may be afraid to move,
afraid to breathe,

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